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About 2

About Us


The Inspired Business Academy Specialises in Business Building and Marketing for Coaches and Consultants.


We believe that you can have a business that is aligned with your purpose which also generates a significant income doing what you love.

We believe there is a new way of doing business which is based on authenticity, integrity and truly engaging with potential clients, rather than the old fashioned method of chasing and doing a hard sell.

We can help you to position yourself as the ‘Go-To’ Expert in your field so that you have clients pursuing you instead of you pursuing them. This turns your marketing around 180 degrees and changes that uncomfortable dynamic of you having to constantly chase and follow up with potential clients.

What problems can we help with?

We can help you with the following challenges:

  • you don’t know how to attract the right type of clients consistently
  • you are not sure how to best get your message out into the world
  • you are undercharging for your services
  • you have lots of good ideas but not enough are being implemented
  • you are not having the level of impact you want to have
  • you are just too busy or overwhelmed

Why Us?

We work with people who:

  • have a sense of mission and purpose within their business
  • have a message to get out there
  • want to build their business based on authenticity, integrity and trust

Who is it for?

We are here to help business owners who are intent on making a difference to:

  • create a business on their own terms
  • fulfill their purpose and get well paid
  • manifest their vision
  • have the freedom to create a business that is aligned with their values

In summary, our purpose is to help you create a highly profitable business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want.

How do you work?

Many highly successful entrepreneurs agree that around 80% of success in business is down to mindset. We believe you need both the right marketing strategy and the right mindset, but most people don’t have the specific tools and techniques for improving their mindset.

Creating the right mindset is vital in marketing and selling, otherwise it becomes difficult to do effectively and resistance and fear may kick in which can hold us back. When you are in a good space and your mindset is positive, you can become like a magnet in the way clients appear and want to work with you.

Why Inspired?

Your marketing will be based on activities you enjoy doing.  When you feel inspired and energised you are highly attractive to potential clients.  Your inspiration and your vision combine to help you take your business to the next level.

The Missing Piece?

Most coaches, consultants and trainers are highly skilled when it comes to delivering a good service.  What they are not so good at is marketing and knowing how to attract the right type of clients consistently.  They struggle to get their work out into the world and often they undercharge clients resulting in a lower income than they want.

Despite offering a valuable service after the extensive training they have usually undergone, they often fail to meet their financial and lifestyle goals.  They all to often find themselves overworked and underpaid.

Running a business and knowing how to get clients are vital skills which usually they have not been taught.  Even when they do have a background in marketing, they often find that the mindset required when running their own business and ‘selling themselves’ demands a totally new approach.

Our Approach

When you connect with your unique purpose and your bigger reason ‘Why’ and then learn how to express it to others, you naturally become highly attractive to clients.

By adding value to your potential clients at every step as they are getting to know you, your marketing can be focused on sharing and generosity. This is very likely to have the ‘feel good’ factor for you. It also allows you to create a client journey where the flow between marketing, sales and coaching can become totally seamless.
We can help you to improve sales by using coaching skills so that you can gain new clients doing what feels natural with integrity rather than feeling like a sales person.

As a coach, the service you provide, your coaching, can be transformational, even perhaps magical. We help you bring those qualities into your marketing so that potential clients can have a taste or experience of the magic.

We believe that when we connect with our purpose and the difference we want to make, we also connect with universal intelligence, which you could call spirit, higher guidance, your higher self or God.
This universal intelligence is an endless source of energy and inspiration which can:

  • guide us in running our business to manifest our vision
  • help us make the best decisions and choices
  • see the bigger picture of what is possible in our business
  • implement the practical daily actions required for success

Lisa Farr – Marketing Consultant and Coach

Lisa Farr has been helping small business owners to get more clients and make more money since 2001.


She has over twenty-five years experience in marketing and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, which puts her in the top 3% of marketers worldwide.


The marketing strategies she teaches have all been tried and tested – they have the potential to take your business to the next level (and have already done this for many others).  Using these same marketing strategies, she built an international student recruitment business from scratch to generate an annual turnover of over £450,000 within four years – and she was only working 3 days a week!

Track Record

She has helped hundreds of business owners to improve their marketing and get more clients. Her passion is to support experts in achieving greater financial success through doing what they love. Many clients report doubling, or even tripling, their income as a result of working with her.


With a B.Sc (Hons) in Management with Marketing from one of the top university business schools, her marketing career has spanned working for several universities and colleges, as well as in the private sector and an environmental charity.

In 2001 following further training as a coach, she began helping professional service businesses to get more clients and take their business to the next level.  In 2010 her business went global, she was helping clients from all round the world including Sweden, Germany, USA, Australia and Hong Kong.

Lisa has been working with mindset techniques since 1992. Realising how crucial mindset is to the success of any business owner she specialises in an approach which blends mindset techniques alongside traditional marketing strategies.

If any of this interests or resonates with you please get in touch for an informal chat 01903 787506 or through the Contact Page

Richard Wilson – Associate Consultant

By using over 40 years experience in a variety of sales and marketing positions, Richard can help you develop a strategy that is tailored to suit your unique situation – both for you personally and for your business.


BSc (Hons) 2.1 Degree in Combined Studies from Plymouth University. Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) having gained their Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing (DipM) in 1992.

Experience and Background

After an aborted early career in banking, due to being on the receiving end of an armed raid by masked robbers in 1972, he got a job in sales. Within 2 years he was promoted to UK Sales Manager for a large Glasgow Import & Export firm where he built up a large and successful UK-wide agency network.

Richard then worked for UK’s largest, distance learning based, computer training company, winning their ‘Top Sales Executive’ prize in his second month there.

His many years experience as a self-employed Marketing Consultant include working with universities, FE colleges, government agencies as well as with businesses and specific industry sectors, often working as a bridge across these boundaries. Much of this period was spent helping SMEs (small to medium enterprises) to grow.

More recently he has advised and mentored small business owners helping them to expand in both a manageable and profitable way. As well as working with businesses on their marketing strategy, he also helps with their writing including websites, newsletters and how to present their biography.

Next Step

If any of this interests or resonates with you please get in touch for an informal chat 01903 787506 or contact us via the Contact Page