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Access Keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the web site.

Firefox – press SHIFT + ALT + Access key Number

Internet Explorer – press SHIFT + ALT + Access key Number and then Enter
Opera – press SHIFT + Esc and a menu will appear, then simply press the number/letter you require.

Safari – doesn’t support access keys.

Firefox/Safari – press CTRL + Access key Number

Opera – press SHIFT + Esc and a menu will appear, then simply press the number/letter you require.

All pages on this site define the following access keys using similar shortcuts as the UK Government access keys standard :

Access key S – Skip navigation

Access key 0 – Accessibility

Access key 1 – Home page

Access key 2 – News/Blog

Access key 3 – Site map

Access key 4 – About us

Access key 5 – Contact us

Access key 8 – Terms and conditions
Access keys are not perfect so if they give you any problems please let us know.

Skip navigation

On each page a ‘skip to main content’ link allows direct access past the navigation links to the page’s main content, which should make navigation easier if you are using the keyboard or other input device to browse.

Other Features to Enhance Accessibility

These features have been provided to help make our site as accessible as possible to as many people as possible:

1. All text should be resizable using your browser’s text-resize option
. If the background and text colours need changing this can be done via your browser too.

2. All images have been given appropriate alternative text.

3. All hyperlinks should make sense when read out of context and hyperlinks change to blue when the destination page has been visited.

4. A navigation bar linking to the main sections of the site is provided at the top of each page

5. A site map linking to every page on the site is provided.

6. A ‘breadcrumb trail’ navigation feature is provided to help navigation