HEP Masterclass


How to Use High-End Programmes to
Generate More Revenue in Less Time


One-Day Masterclass


5 Steps to Adding a Lucrative Income Stream to Your Business


For: Coaches, Consultants and Trainers


During this one day masterclass you will learn how to:


Step 1. Identify the format and outcome of your programme

  • Discover the best type of programme for you to offer that will be highly attractive to clients

Step 2. Clarify who your target market is and who will buy your programme

  • Save your time and energy by only focusing on those people most likely to buy

Step 3. Create the system you will take your client through

  • This helps you design your programme content in a way that clients can see huge value

Step 4. Identify the main benefit to your client and all the components of the programme so you can present and sell it to your clients

  • Discover what to include and how to present it in a compelling way

Step 5. Learn three of the easiest ways to get clients for your programme

  • Focus on the biggest wins and learn how this strategy fits in with an overall marketing plan to maximise your sales

Date: Saturday 12th November 2016


Client Comments

“You get five stars for our session today, you gave me a strategy to bring in an extra £75,000 a year that is so easy.  I would never have seen this by myself, it will give my clients a huge transformation and it won’t take up that much of my time to deliver.”  
Gladeana McMahon, www.cognitivebehaviouralcoachingworks.com
“The £900 just for the first hour this morning has been more than worth it. We found opportunities sitting right in front of me in my business that can bring in over £50,000.
Carol Alford, Alford Associates Ltd


So what is the investment?




Is it Good Value?

The information in this Masterclass has the potential to increase your income significantly. I want to share this with as many people as possible, that is why I have made the day as affordable as I can so you can attend and receive this business changing information. Coffee, tea and refreshments are included, however to keep the price down, I haven’t added lunch in to the price.
There are plenty of options in the area.


Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

I’m confident that when you attend this Masterclass you will be delighted. Just to back that up if you attend and don’t feel you are getting great value by lunchtime of the event you can turn in all your materials at the lunch break, exit the masterclass and get a full refund. 100%. No reason needed.


Date: Saturday 12th November 2016

Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm


London, Holiday Inn Kensington


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