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Is This You?

  • You want more of the right type of clients?
  • You want to make a difference in the world and be well paid?
  • You want to grow your business but often get too busy with the everyday running of it?

You can solve these challenges

Many of us are in business to make a difference and there is a deeper purpose behind what we do.

When you align your purpose in the world with making good money, this is when your business really flourishes.

You become highly attractive to clients and opportunities. Best of all this happens easily and effortlessly.

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This includes my step-by-step marketing plan template which is the same one that has been used by my clients and me to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in extra business.


My sessions with Lisa have helped me take my business through the roof!! I started working with Lisa when I was a practitioner, I soon became very successful with clients from all over the world. Now a trainer and author, I still go back to Lisa when I feel ready to take my business to the next level. She always helps me to define and realise my vision

Sasha Allenby

“You get five stars for our session today, you gave me a strategy to bring in an extra £75,000 a year that is so easy. I would never have seen this by myself, it will give my clients a huge transformation and it won’t take up that much of my time to deliver.”

Gladeana McMahon

“I worked with Lisa from the start of my business and we are now in our 5th year. She helped me to ‘see’ issues and translate the vision for my company. Her techniques were all new to me when I started working with her but they were invaluable to helping the success of my business. I would highly recommend Lisa.”

Annie Barr

“After a session with Lisa I went to a client meeting which resulted, seemingly effortlessly in work worth thousands of pounds. Lisa is brilliant at getting me to answer the key questions about how I do business, and what works for me. At the same time she makes sure that I work in my natural style and use the strengths of that style to win business.”

Jonathan Stoneman

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