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What are the Market Rates for Coaching?

What are the Market Rates for Coaching?

As so many coaches and consultants I work with are keen to find out about the market rates, I thought you’d find it interesting and valuable to see what I’ve uncovered over the years.

Market Research

The research shows a huge variation in pricing with a number of general factors having an impact on rates including: type of client (such as large corporate, SME, public sector or individual), the organisational role of the client and the experience of the coach – more on this last one later (please note these factors are generalisations and do not affect pricing differences in all cases). 

Association for Coaching

This research highlighted the fact that many coaches offer a range of programmes and packages and it’s not always easy for even them to work out an hourly rate.  The Association for Coaching’s research from 2014 shows interesting results from those who could equate an hourly rate, this is based on a survey of 130 coaches within the UK:

  • 74% charged £150 an hour or less
  • Of those working within the corporate sector 37% charged £150-249 an hour and 31% over £250 an hour


Informal research

Since 1999 I’ve been doing my own very informal research myself, this has shown a very wide range in fees all the way from around £45-60 for an hour’s session at the low-end, to around £150 – £200 in the mid-range and up to £600-900 for a 90 minute session at the high-end.  These are very broad figures to give you an idea, they are not based on any proper statistical research.  For more detail on the statistics let’s next turn to the ICF:


International Coach Federation (ICF) Research

The Global survey conducted by the ICF in 2012 showed the average fee for a one hour session in Western Europe was US$277 (equivalent to approx £175 an hour).

Further this research also showed that the number of coaches in Western Europe was 17,800, with 89% of them being active and generating US$828 million (approx £522 million). For a point of comparison the research also showed there are 47,500 coaches globally generating a total revenue of US$1,979 million.

This research showed how the fee for a one-hour session varies by the coach’s experience.  These figures are worldwide figures and are in US dollars:

  • Less than one year experience: $128  (approx £81 an hour)
  • 1 to 2 years experience: $152  (approx £96 an hour)
  • 3 to 4 years experience: $194  (approx £122 an hour)
  • 5 to 10 years experience: $256  (approx £162 an hour)
  • Over 10 years experience: $321  (approx £203 an hour)

Please note all US dollar figures which have been converted into Sterling have used the average exchange rate for 2012 (which is 1.585 dollars to the pound). 

Setting Your Own Fees

When you are deciding on your own fees or looking at raising your rates, it’s important to look at the value your clients are receiving first.  It might surprise you how much benefit they are receiving.  You can find out more in this article:
Do you know how much you are worth?