Do you know how much you are worth?

Often coaches, consultants and other experts set their charges too low because they are not confident enough of their value.  If you’ve not heard about Alan Weiss, his book ‘Million Dollar Consulting’ is well worth checking out.

Here are 3 mindset tips to help you raise your rates:

  1. What is your value?

When setting your rates, rather than pricing by the day or the hour, think about your value to your clients and what you help them to achieve.  To help you identify the value you can reflect on the results and benefits your past clients have gained

A good mindset tip is for you to believe: ‘My clients are so lucky to have me to work with’

  1. Move to an abundance mentality

When you view the world as an abundant place that is full of opportunities, with more than enough business for everyone, you begin to see more opportunities for yourself.


Specifically looking for where you can raise your fees or reduce your personal time input, whilst still helping your clients to get amazing results, can have a huge benefit for your business going forward.

A couple of examples to reduce your time input are:

– identify where some of your services can be delivered virtually to save on travel time

– look for opportunities to send your clients guides and tools which they can use themselves rather than you delivering them in person.

  1. Don’t see yourself as selling!

Instead see yourself as giving great value and contributing.  When we feel we are giving and making a difference it becomes easier to continue our communications with our target market.  Often people who see themselves as selling become reluctant at some stage and hold themselves back.

A nice phrase which many of my clients have found helpful is:

“You are not selling, you are promoting your passion.”

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