Do Your Testimonials Work?

If you don’t have enough testimonials – you are not alone! This article gives you my simple 3-step guide to getting more testimonials – the easy way.

When you look at your testimonials, you may find even though you may be getting great results with your clients, you may not always have the testimonials to match.

How Can I Get Some Really Fabulous Testimonials?

Having great testimonials help us to get more clients by:

  • Demonstrating the results people can achieve through our work – this helps to make our service which is intangible much more tangible
  • Having someone else’s opinion on the value is often more convincing to others than anything we could say ourselves

I’ve put together a very simple 3-step process to make it virtually effortless for you. I’ve kept it as short and specific as possible so you can use whichever tip is most useful to you.

Here is my simple 3 step guide to make it as easy as possible:

1. Look for opportunities when working with clients

One of the easiest ways to gain testimonials is to notice great feedback from clients when you are working with them. When you receive such feedback, ask your client, “Can I quote you on that?”
Here is an example of something a client said to me in a session which I asked his permission to use:

“After a session with Lisa I went to a client meeting which resulted, seemingly effortlessly in work worth thousands of pounds.
Lisa is brilliant at getting me to answer the key questions about how I do business, and what works for me. At the same time she makes sure that I work in my natural style and use the strengths of that style to win business.”
Jonathan Stoneman, Stonepeople Media


2. Gain Permission

What I do next is to write up their quote and send it to them on email to check if they want to edit anything and most importantly to gain their written permission to use it. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to give us testimonials and quotes.

3. Identify Specific Results

Ask your client if they can write about some specific results that they gained as this is more meaningful and persuasive to the reader than vague statements of what working together was like.
The following example shows you how you can use a number of different results to emphasise the difference you can make:

“My sessions with Lisa have been a great investment; since working with Lisa I have more than tripled my income!
I am more focussed; more relaxed about my business, and have used the marketing strategies learned. The results – lots of new clients, a rewarding and more successful coaching business – that’s the power of coaching! Thank you Lisa”
Lindsey Reed, Glows Coaching

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