How to Get Clients from Presentations?

Learning how to get clients from presentations has been one of the best investments in my business.   Over the years I’ve tried many different marketing strategies.  So when people ask me what is the best marketing strategy, this is my answer, it’s knowing how to get clients from presentations.

However giving a presentation with tons of helpful information often isn’t enough to get you business from it.  Over the last three years or so I’ve been studying what really makes a difference in turning a presentation into a queue of clients lining up to work with you.

Three Key Tips to Turn Talks and Presentations into New Clients

I’ve helped a lot clients with this as it is something many people want to learn how to do.  It’s been so popular that I offer a specific one-to-one VIP day called ‘Get Clients By Speaking’.  In the article below I share some key tips from that day which will help you to get business every time you speak.

1. Make an offer in your presentation

A big mistake that many people make is to expect members of the audience to contact you after the presentation and leave the task in their hands.  Although this can work occasionally, the problem is that you will lose out on a lot of business opportunities because people don’t get round to it or they forget about it and so on once they leave.   You need to give people a specific offer so they have a reason to be in touch and act now.

Your offer might vary, it could be anything from a paid offer to setting up a time for a meeting depending on your business.  You do need to plan in advance what your offer will be and how to make it highly attractive so people take you up on it.

2. Be confident when you make your offer

The first important point is that you don’t want it to sound like a sales pitch when you make your offer – so anything that makes you sound like a market trader is out!!

The problem for many people who don’t like selling much is that they can be tempted to go to the opposite extreme.  That doesn’t help you either as you can end up rushing through your offer, apologising or even not making an offer at all.

The three things to keep in mind are firstly you want to feel confident, secondly you want to know that the offer you are making is attractive to your group and thirdly take your time as you talk the audience through what is available.

3. Give valuable information

It’s important to give useful information in your presentation so don’t be afraid of giving some of your top tips.  Doing this will demonstrate your expertise and credibility.  You want the audience to understand and appreciate the value of the services you offer.

However you don’t want to give away the whole shop and tell them everything.  It’s more like you are giving people a taster.

A useful tip is to plan the steps you need to take to get business from your presentation first.  This will help you choose exactly what valuable information to give away and what will be in your paid for services.

“Get Clients By Speaking” Strategy Session

If you struggle with how to get clients by speaking, then I have good news for you.

Each month I’m opening up just 2 spots to coach with me for 40 minutes, at no cost, my treat! Please get in touch via the Contact Page


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