How do you follow up?

Following up with potential clients can generate a considerable amount of additional revenue if you do it in the right way.  The fortune is in the follow up as they say. My 3-stage guide is to help you do this easily and effectively.

  1. Know what the next step is

You can create a very simple follow up system.  To do this you need to list each of the steps a client can take before they work with you.  Planning this list of steps means you always know the purpose of each follow up action which is to get your potential client to the next step.

A lot of people get this bit wrong and try to sell every time they follow up which can come across as too pushy.  For example:

When you know someone is interested invite them to your complimentary session.

Useful script:

“If you are interested, the next step is for me to offer you a complimentary xyz (name of your session) session.

“It will help you to find out what the (essential marketing building blocks are that you need in your business/ put in the main benefit or result of your free session).

Does that sound like it would be useful/helpful/beneficial for you?

  1. What if they are not ready to move forward?

If you have an initial meeting or complimentary session and they are not ready to go ahead and work with you now, ask them when would be a good time for them.

Put this arrangement in your diary, whilst you are speaking with them check that it would be alright to give them a quick call or email them in June (or whenever they say).

When you have set it up so that your potential client is expecting to hear from you it makes it a lot easier for you to follow up.  When you reach the agreed date, stand by your word and get in touch with them

  1. Top tips for following up

Mindset is critical when you are following up – get yourself into a positive frame of mind and be upbeat.  Try smiling when you are on the phone and notice if it makes a difference to your tone of voice.







If you are concerned you may be following up too much, or even pestering, then vary the medium, people are much more tolerant if you use a variety of ways to get in touch eg phone, email or even a letter or card.

If you are still concerned about pestering then you need to make sure you have asked permission and set it up with the person so that they are expecting to hear from you.

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