How to Overcome Marketing Overwhelm?

If you have too many things to do then you’ll enjoy the short article on overcoming marketing overwhelm.  I’ve kept it as short and specific as possible so you can take away whichever tip is most useful to you.

Often when I give talks and presentations someone will ask me what marketing activity they should focus on as there are so many choose to from.

Also when I start working with clients one-to-one they sometimes tell me they have so much to do, what with delivering their service to clients, marketing and general everyday running of their business that they feel overwhelmed by all the things to do.

If you’ve been feeling the same you’re not alone.

The Antidote to Overwhelm

One of the things I suggest comes as a relief to most people – just focus on taking one marketing action a day – no more.

Once you have completed one you can go on to do more of course, but the thing that will make the biggest difference is the consistency of taking one marketing action every day.

How Do You Know Which Action to Take?

Usually I will ask myself at the beginning of the day, “If today is going to be a successful day, what is the one marketing action I need to take?”

Another helpful question is, “What do I need to do today to bring in the business I want (tomorrow or next week)?”


I realised that for me if I do this one thing early in the day, before I look at email or other business, it makes it much easier.  Also it seems to give me more energy for the rest of the day once I’ve completed it.  I was personally surprised that timing does have an impact.  Try it yourself and see if it makes any difference for you if you take your most important actions earlier in the day.

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