Niche Marketing

Niche marketing can give you a huge advantage over your competition. Many of my clients want to find their niche, or specialism. Often it is one of the first things we focus on when working together.

Sometimes the results are extraordinary, a recent client has gone from nobody being that interested in what she offered to immediate interest from three people and a referral the first time she opened her mouth!

In niche marketing, we get clear and specific about what we offer and to whom. This makes it much easier for people to say “Yes” to working with us. That is why I’ve written this guide to help you get clearer on your niche.

How to Find Your Niche?

There can be a temptation for small businesses to offer too many services to everyone in the hope of getting more business. If you want more business, the temptation is to put everything out there in the hope that something will appeal to someone.

The problem is that it doesn’t work like that. It may seem counter-intuitive to offer less of a range when we want more business, but it is often easier to get more business by having a niche, or a specialism.

What are the Advantages of Having a Niche?

1. It can be more profitable as people will pay more for a specialist service

2. It is easier and more effective to focus our time and marketing resources on a smaller target group

3. It is easier to get clients when we are clear on the benefits and results we offer in one specific area, rather than giving vague and general results

Given these advantages, why doesn’t everyone have a niche?

What Holds Us Back?

When I work with people, they often report the same things holding them back:

1. They want to help everyone and genuinely feel they can help most people

2. They don’t want to let any possible clients slip away

3. They think they will be stuck doing the same thing if they have a niche – the reality is once people start working with us, they will then ask if we can help with all sorts of other related problems.

The result is that small business owners often serve fewer people than they could because of the vagueness of their scattergun approach to communications and marketing.

How to Find Your Niche?

Usually when I am working with a client, I can help them establish their niche in just an hour or two. If you are interested in getting some help with niche marketing, you maybe interested in applying online for a complimentary Marketing Strategy Session

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