Visualisation to Get More Clients

Using visualisation to get more clients can help you attract new clients and increase your income with astonishing speed.  I use it alongside traditional marketing methods.   I’ve found when my clients really use it, it helps their business take off in a way that just marketing alone could not match.

I’ve found quite a lot of people have tried using visualisation techniques especially with the popularity of books like ‘The Secret’ and others on the law of attraction.  However not everyone is as successful as these books can sometimes imply.

So I wanted to share some key points which can help you to use it successfully in your business.

Visualisation techniques have been around for many years now.  But sometimes people try it and don’t gets the results they want.  Here are three key tips:

1. Get very clear about what you want

The crucial first step is to set your intention and decide what you want.  Develop a vision in your mind of what you want to create.

Begin to imagine what you really want in as much detail as you can.  For example if you want more clients, who do you really want to be working with? What sort of work or projects would you love to be working with them on?  What results would they be getting from working with you?

2. Rehearse it in your mind

This second step involves regularly visualising the outcome you want. Imagine it in your mind as if it is happening now.  Create the pictures, and any sounds or sensations as vividly as you can in your mind.

One of the most important things that many people don’t realise is that you have to imagine how you will feel when you have what it is you want to create.  This is a key tip.

3. Follow your intuition and take action

You will usually find you get ideas popping into your mind about what action you need to take.  So it is not just a case of visualising, you also need to take practical actions too.  Follow through and do the things that will help you, for example do you need other people or a team to help you?

You can use this technique for anything you want to create in life.  When I used it early on in my business it helped me get fully booked within six-months of going full time.

Want Some Help with Your Vision and Marketing?

If you’d like some help in getting clear on your business vision, there are two Marketing Strategy Sessions available every month.  The session will also help you to work out what specific marketing activities you need.  You can also ask any questions about using visualisation to get more clients.  For details go to Marketing Strategy Session

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