What Is a Marketing Plan?


When you are looking at what is a marketing plan for your business, there are three major considerations:

  • how you are going to promote your service or product
  • to whom
  • and at what price

Your marketing plan is a document which contains these details.

A marketing plan for a large company or organisation can run to many pages. However for a small business, a simpler plan of one or two A4 pages is often a better and more usable.  Otherwise it tends to collect dust on a shelf somewhere!

How to Start?

If you don’t have a marketing plan, a simple way to start is to write a list of all your promotional activities. Next to each activity, write down when you plan to carry it out.

For certain activities this maybe throughout the year, an example of this would be ‘Following up on enquiries by sending information on a special offer’.

For other activities this may be a specific month or two, for example, ‘Writing content for website – January to February’.

What Next?

Now you know the answer to what is a marketing plan, the next stage is to download the Free Marketing Plan Template on this site.  Go to the box on the top right hand side to fill in your details and get the download.

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