What’s Your Vision?

The article below is to help you to create a vision for your business which is both motivating and inspiring.

Even if you already have a vision for you business, it can be very useful to revisit it as often people find their vision of what they really want has changed over time – and sometimes with the flow of life, we haven’t truly recognised that our vision has altered.

Why Have a Vision?

Having a vision allows us to be clear on what we want to achieve.  When we get clear on this, in my experience, two things often happen.

1. It makes it much easier for us to know which opportunities to say “Yes” to and more importantly, which to say “No” to as they don’t fit in with our vision.   This can save a lot of time and energy.

2. The Universe and/or other people and circumstances seem to bring about opportunities for achieving it – this can come about through, for example, meeting just the right person at the right time or a new opportunity arising that fits in with our vision.

How to Create Your Vision

A powerful way to start capturing your vision is to write down your immediate answers to the questions in the following areas:

1.  The Nature of Your Work

Reflect on how you’d really like your business to be.  What work would you be doing that you’d really enjoy?

If you were only doing the type of work that allows you to shine, what would that be?

2.  Who You Work With

Imagine the specific types of clients you’d really love to work with.  If you had several dream clients calling to work with you early next year, who would they be.

3.  The Structure of Your Work

How many hours a week would you like to be working?  How would that time be split between working with clients and other tasks?

Be as specific as you can, write it all down.  It will probably only take five to ten minutes.  You can easily add or amend at a later time as your vision evolves.

Make a clear statement to yourself and the Universe of how you’d like your business to be.

What Next?

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