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Attention: Coaches, Consultants and Trainers

Do You Want to Get More Clients to Your Coaching Business?


5 Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan

Are you spending too much time and effort trying to get clients?
Too many coaches have wasted time and money trying marketing techniques which simply did not work.

However the GOOD NEWS is it doesnt have to be like this.  There is a way to attract more clients without spending a fortune.

To have a successful coaching business, we need a reliable marketing system which brings in new clients consistently.  Imagine yourself with as many clients as you want, doing the type of work you love to do and getting very well paid in the process.  This can be a reality once you’ve learned how.

This online video training is for you if you want to know:

  • Which marketing techniques really work for a coaching business
  • How to communicate in a way that will have people wanting to buy
  • What types of marketing message attract clients to you
  • How to create a marketing system which frees up your time
  • How to turn around the whole selling game by using your coaching skills, so you can actually enjoy marketing and selling - forever!

During this online training you will learn how to:

Video 1.

Identify your niche and target market
Save your time and energy by only focusing on those people most likely to buy from you

Create your key marketing messages
You’ll know how to talk about your business in a way that gets people wanting to learn more

Video 2.

Package and price your main offer
Know how to package your services so that clients want to buy them

Select the right promotional tools to generate leads
Discover which marketing tactics work best for a coaching business and how to choose the right ones for you

Video 3.

Plan word-for-wordhow you can convert enquiries into paying clients
How to sell in a simple and authentic way - by asking coaching-style questions

Create a successful marketing mindset
How to turn around negative beliefs about marketing so you can get out of your own way and enjoy building your business

Video 4.

Recorded Question and Answer Session

Client Comments

"I started marketing myself 4 months ago after a career as the boss in the large corporate. I never sold a thing in my life.
I have gone in circle for the last few months. I have done each and every single mistake you mention in your videos.

After your third video, I managed to U-turn two prospects.

I watch your Q&A video last night. The first prospect…has turned today into my first client.

The second one, despite having mis-priced first, now wants to go ahead and told me she feels I “perfectly” understood what she wants.

So Lisa you probably hear it all the time…your huge experience, positivity and your approach are eye opening and have a touch of magic. Above all, you made me happy: I finally feel I know where I’m heading."
Executive Coach working with large corporate clients

“Thank you so much, the course is making such a difference for me, I found it to be invaluable and thought provoking.
This is not the only marketing course I have ever paid for but found this the best value with most effective teaching.”
Paula Ruane,

"Lisa uses her relaxing style to impart quick marketing solutions.  She cuts through the maze to give easy and understandable actions to take."
Stuart Newberry, Coach and Management Consultant, Coaching Connect,

"Lisa’s way of lifting my resistance to marketing myself has been quite amazing.  I’ve had a 180 degree turnaround - now marketing can be fun and playful, not a chore!"
Sonja Carigiet, Bristol

"Lisa really knows her stuff. She is full of examples and experiences of what works!"
Humaira Mannan, Coach and Consultant


So what is the investment?


Is it Good Value?

The information in this online programme has the potential to increase your income significantly. I want to share this with as many people as possible, that is why I have made it as affordable as I can so you can attend and receive this business changing knowledge.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

I'm confident that when you receive access to the “How to Get More Clients” Marketing Online Training, you’re going to be delighted.

Just to back that up, I’ll give you two weeks to REALLY decide if it’s for you … in your heart. If you decide it’s not for you … just let me know within two weeks and get a full refund. 100%! No reason needed.

What do I receive?

You will gain access to the video series as well as a written guide for each except the Q&A.  The guides give you all the templates to fill in your information to create your marketing plan.

How do I order the programme?

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.  Click the blue button 'Buy Now' below.

How To Get More Clients To Your Coaching Business – Online Video Training